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             Norman Woodlore
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            Plantation Shutters

                                 Sq ft.

          Norman Real Wood 
          Interior Shutters 
           $23.00 Sq.ft.

          Plantation Shutters 
           Installation add 
            $4.00 sq. ft. 

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 Want to Install Shutters Yourself ? 

     Save some money,  and have the satisfaction 
     of creating something beautiful with your own hands

     We, Have a unique   Do It Yourself  program. 
     We measure, guarantee the fit for free. and you install 
     and save the installation charge. 

     if you get in over your head. just pay to have them
     installed. no harm, no foul just call 610 - 873 - 2599

    We are a local family business and think this is a smart,
    safe way,  to do it yourself.  

    installation with the proper measurements, the correct
    frames, and full knowledge  of all options and the
    experience to catch problems before they happen will  
    ensure you have a truly custom looking shutter 
    the safe way.

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  # we service Norman
   Shutters limited lifetime
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                    Carl,  Ryan,  or Tom service all shutter calls  Within  a hours drive of -
                          Downingtown, Chester County,  Or  Media, Delaware County  

   We service all Philadelphia  Suburban areas including   Malvern, Exton, Wayne, Haverford,
   Drexel Hill, West Chester, Wilmington De., Kennett Sq., Oxford,  Phoenixville / Norristown,
   Pottstown / Reading,Willow Grove / Doylestown  Lititz / Macungie

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The Deco frame, in the video above is the most popular choice for many windows  you can install it over your existing frame if you don't have enough louver clearance. 
or, it's really dramatic for a outside mount on windows that don't already have a frame 
The - L frame above is the original frame that was used for outside mounted shutters. the deco frame in the top video has pretty much replaced it.

Under the right circumstance's it is still the best choice 
this is where seeing the frames in your own home and getting some helpful advice from us.  makes a big difference in getting  a great looking custom shutter 
The Hang strip can be used for outside mounted shutters it has a closer profile to your window frame but it's most common use. Is to install shutters inside the window. 
it gives you more play  to adjust the shutters.  unfortunately you usually can't use it because it will stop you from being able to tilt your windows in.
Direct  Mount, 
If you can't use a hang strip due to your windows tilting in you are left with directly mounting the shutter into your window frame a lot of things have to be just right for that to work
 the window needs to be straight and level within a 1/4 inch you still need some clearance on the sides. and the shutters have to have enough space out side the window to fold out of the way. if you need to install a direct mount . "We need to talk "
Before and after picture of a bay window using the deco frame 3 sides plus a bottom sill.
These sidelight shutters are mounted with 
   L frames on all four sides
This is the most popular style of shutter with a DECO FRAME 
3 1/2  louvers, divider rails, and tilt rods     Price for a 36" x 54" 
          $ 324.00  installed
 Do it yourself $ 270.00
              Service Area
 Carl, Ryan,or Tom Service All
         Shutter calls, Within a  
            hours drive of. 

              Chester County
            Delaware County

     We service all Philadelphia
            Suburban areas 

      Malvern / Exton / Wayne
       Haverford /  Drexel  Hill

             West Chester
            Wilmington De.
         Kennett sq. / Oxford
      Phoenixville / Norristown
         Pottstown / Reading

     Willow Grove / Doylestown 
              Lititz / Macungie

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